At Luke Priddis Foundation we are constantly seeking valuable resources for ourselves, our practices and for our families.  We seek partnerships with other organisations with the intention of having experts available to us and our community in every aspect of life we may deal with.  Some of these services we deliver at LPF and these are some partners who are also experts in the field.

On this page you will see links to organisations with resources we believe to be highly valuable.

If you click on the menu “Resources” and go to “Autism and NDIS Resources” you will then see articles you can download that may also support you.

National Autism helpline visit

For NDIS information visit

For health information visit

For sexual health, puberty visit

For mental health support visit or

For support for kids visit

For guidelines in fitness visit

For social connection for teens and young adults visit

For girls with Autism

For sensory toys visit and

For parenting children with Autism visit

For information on Autism visit



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