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Celebrating that Difference is Magical

The Luke Priddis Foundation is a Penrith based non-profit. Luke and Holly Priddis started the Luke Priddis Foundation (LPF) in 2006 after their third child, Cooper, was diagnosed with Autism.

The Luke Priddis Foundation caters to clients aged 2-18 years old. LPF is known for being a centre for Autism, however, a diagnosis is not necessary to receive services.

We firmly believe in delivering:

  • Neuroaffirming practices
  • Strengths based approach
  • Person-centred and family focused goals
  • Collaborative multidisciplinary services

“As parents of a child with ASD, we understand the combination of frustration, grief and joy felt by every parent of a child with special needs, especially when it comes to accessing early intervention services for our children. There are very few services that cater specifically for children with ASD.” 

Luke and Holly Priddis

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Luke priddis foundation

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Our Services

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your child with Autism? Our dedicated team at Luke Priddis Foundation is here to guide you through a journey of growth, support, and empowerment.

Our Events

Stay connected with our community through various events aimed at raising awareness and building a network of support. Join us in creating a world where individuals with Autism thrive.

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Make a Lasting Impact - Donate to Luke Priddis Foundation Every contribution you make is a step towards creating a brighter future for children with Autism. Your generosity can make a profound difference in their lives.

Why us

Your voice matters

We might be experts in our disciplines, but we recognise that you are the experts in your lived experience.

We believe in delivering...

Neuroaffirming practices
Person-centred and family focused
Strengths based approach
Collaborative, multidisciplinary services

Supporting autistic kids and adolescents

Your contribution makes a direct impact on the lives of autistic kids and adolescents.

Difference is magical. Be part of making a difference.