Our Mission

To deliver a range complimentary health, welfare and educational services within a safe and respectful environment for individuals with autism, their families, carers and the professionals who support them.

To implement early intervention programs that empower children and values parents – allowing each to reach their full potential through acceptance, education, and inclusion.

“The Centre for Autism” paves the way to lifelong individualised therapies & support, delivered with compassion and purpose.

To establish Community Service Networks and strategic alliances that are aligned with our core values.

Our Values

Foundation activities and decisions will reflect our core values: Respect, Excellence, Compassion, Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork.

Respect – a commitment to treat all staff, clients, business associates and community with reverence and regard.

Excellence – to apply speed and simplicity to achieve our goals whilst pursuing an unrelenting quest for distinction.

Compassion – to take a wholesome, sensitive and compassionate approach to all.

Innovation – create opportunity for advances. Consider life improvements in a practical, innovative and environmentally responsible manner.

Integrity – striving for the highest level of performance by displaying strong ethics, accountability and governance.