About the Foundation

Luke and Holly Priddis started the Luke Priddis Foundation in 2006 after their third child, Cooper, was diagnosed with Autism.

“As parents of a child with ASD, we understand the combination of frustration, grief and joy felt by every parent of a child with special needs, especially when it comes to accessing early intervention services for our children. There are very few services that cater specifically for children with ASD.” (Luke Priddis)

For the thousands of children in Australia with ASD, early intervention services are vital. These services help our kids learn the simple things that most parents are able to take for granted such as, how to talk, read, write, draw, and even how to play with other children. These skills then give them a better chance at independence as they grow up.

Simply, the Foundation aims to improve the lives of children with ASD. Through our own experiences and through talking to other parents with children who have been diagnosed with ASD, we decided the best way to support these kids was through early intervention education and community awareness and education.

Each year, the Foundation holds various events, including our annual ‘Fitness for Autism’, to promote understanding of ASD in the community. We also hold workshops and seminars to help educate parents and professionals, such as doctors, nurses and teachers, who work with children with ASD.

The foundation has established support groups for children with ASD and their families. These support groups enable families to come together in an informal setting to relax, share stories and to attend group therapy sessions and talk with other families who understand their situation.

Our long term aim is to establish an ASD Early Intervention Centre of Excellence. Our centre will offer ASD specific education to preschool aged children with ASD, helping them to gain the skills that will allow them to develop to their full potential.