every little bit counts

Your Direct Impact, Their Brighter Future

Every donation you make to the Luke Priddis Foundation goes beyond a monetary contribution – it becomes part of our story and impact. Your generosity is the driving force behind our ability to provide high quality services to more Autistic children, young people, and their families. We deeply appreciate your commitment to making a difference, and we want you to witness the impact of your support.

How Your Donation Makes a Difference:

  1. High quality therapy resources: Your donation helps provide updated therapeutic resources and tools used in our clinic to provide the highest quality therapy and services at Luke Priddis Foundation.

  2. Empowering Families: Assist in helping provide free or reduce cost therapeutic services. 

  3. Creating Inclusive Communities: Your contribution helps us deliver free community education opportunities to create a more inclusive and accepting local community.

  4. Enhancing Awareness: Your support goes beyond services; it helps us create and provide experiences for Autistic children and young people to be able to celebrate their hard work.

Making a Direct Deposit

Your reference ensures that your contribution is allocated appropriately. Thank you for being a vital part of our mission to make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals with Autism. Your generosity is a beacon of hope, creating a brighter future for families in need.

For your convenience, direct deposits can be made to the Luke Priddis Foundation Ltd account with the following details:

  • Account Name: LPF Donations
  • BSB: 032 278
  • Account Number: 391006
  • Reference: Website Donation

Supporting Autistic Kids and Adolescents

Your contribution makes a direct impact on the lives of Autistic kids and adolescents.

Difference is magical. Be part of making a difference.