The Luke Priddis Foundation is excited to have Rita join our team in the role of NDIS Support Coordinator. Rita is a seasoned support coordinator with more than a year experience in a fast paced administrative and disability setting, A social works masters graduate with an administrative background. Rita is very passionate about helping people and seeing them live an independent and meaningful life. She is very committed to her participants and see to it that their capacity is built well enough to give them the control and choice to achieve their goals. Luke Priddis foundation for her is a home and an environment to transfer that passion into action whilst working with amazing kids who want to live an accomplished their best lives.

Outside of her experience as a support coordinator, Rita comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge of non-profit. Sheis the founder of Ritigreat foundation, a non-profit initiative that has empowered over ten thousand young underprivileged women in Africa, with menstrual and reproductive health knowledge. She is the founder of Young Female World Changers club and the CEO of Ritigreat Honey Nigeria limited.

She served as a director of young women in business enterprise and innovation for Global Youth for Change development initiative. A graduate of the University of Calabar where she capped her educational pursuit with a bachelor’s degree in public administration and a diploma in Local Government administration; a Master of Social Works graduate from the Western Sydney University. she is a great debater that have traveled to several African countries to represent her Great university in some annual championships as she participated in over five Pan African and worlds universities debating championship.

We are excited to have her energy and ideas as part of the LPF Team.

If you are in need of Support Coordination for you NDIS plan or would like to know more information on what Support Coordination is, please reach out!


Phone: 02 4736 2202

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