Everyone wants to be accepted.  Everyone wants to be known.  Everyone wants to have friends.

Making friends can be tough for all of us.  When reading social situations or expressing yourself can be challenging, it can be even tougher.

We go out to schools and educate students and staff on what it is like to live with Autism and what the school could be like in a world of acceptance.  Short sessions are run for all the students and staff to educate, inspire and answer their questions.  Schools create “mufti days” and raise funds for our foundation while learning about how to love all  the people in their community. If you would like us to come to your school or even workplace, please contact us at events@lukepriddisfoundation.com.

“Luke Priddis Foundation came to our school and learnt all this stuff about making friends and how brains work.  I promised them that I would get to know at least 20 new kids I wouldn’t normally talk to next term.” –  Lili 9

“I have Autism and I am the only one in my class.  After Luke Priddis Foundation came to my school, way more kids started talking to me.” –  Angus 11

“I feel a lot more comfortable to approach the conversation with parents and have new ways to support the kids in my class.” –  Ms Donovan, teacher.


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