Autistic Family Collective, a group convened by autistic adults to advocate with autistic children, is pleased to note that the ECEI report published by the NDIA has not incorporated the full recommendations suggested by the ‘expert’ panel.

Autistic Family Collective does not support the view put forward by the ‘expert’ autism panel that 20 hours a week of intensive early intervention is necessary for all autistic children.

There is evidence which questions the value of this type of intensive early intervention, which sees pre-schoolers spending 20 hours of their week engaged in demanding therapies aimed at ‘normalisation’.

Autistic adults report being traumatised by intensive therapy, which can result in PTSD.

Many of the ‘experts’ on the panel have a vested interest in the promotion of intensive early intervention, as employees or Directors of businesses which deliver these same types of services.

Additionally, Autistic Family Collective question why the NDIA ‘expert’ panel did not include autistic representatives or organisations. The panel’s recommendations must be considered in light of this failure to engage consumers as key stakeholders.

It is the view of Autistic Family Collective that autistic children can flourish without being subjected to intensive early intervention. To find out more about an alternate, respectful approach to therapy, please refer to this page on our website.

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