“I have never really had a friend and now I have three.”

Meet two of our teens who became friends whilst participating in our “Girls Craft Social Group.”

Maddi – “I am able to talk to others now, so I can get along with them.  I normally don’t get along with people and now I can get along with others, at least more than what I normally do.  I have made friends with Siena and Samantha and I didn’t know them before this group.  We sing songs, we dance, we do ‘try not to laugh’ challenges which we always fail at.”

Sienna – “It’s so much fun I get to meet new people and make new friends. Olivia (Speech Therapist) is amazing, kind, funny and we have such a great time all together.

Some children with Autism will be adults before they form any real friendships.  Our social groups enable children and teens to form friendships in the ways they want to.

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