Basic Coding Group

Friday September 24th

10-11am for 5-10 yrs.

Cost – $90

Logging into coding website Tinker with their unique login and password.  Each participant will do various coding activities instructed by the facilitator on the site. They will learn the fundamentals of coding a simple way, they can ask questions, work together and after they leave the session, they will have their login where they can continue to practice coding.

Outcomes –

  • Encourages motor skills – occupational therapy.
  • Manage emotions – coding can be frustrating.
  • Explore and learn through hands on and practical play.
  • Communication – explaining how they are doing what they are doing.
  • Taking and implementing instructions.
  • Conversation and speech skills.
  • Problem solving skills.

To book please email or call 0490860512 Monday to Friday during work hours.

You can also book by completing our form here.  Support Services Form

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