Before any child can access the services they need, they will need to be accurately diagnosed.

Many children will show signs of dealing with something from a very early age and there are growing numbers that do not present with anything until much later on in school.  At this point they would begin the long journey of discovery, with multiple medical professionals to reach a point of diagnosis.  This is a costly process that many families simply cannot afford.    They join long waitlists of up to two years to be able to access the diagnostic process which then allows them to potentially apply for support from the NDIS.  We meet families every day who are trying to get their child and often teen the support they need.  We have created a opportunity to support some of those families in funding the diagnosis through donations from others.

Every $2000 we reach means we can take someone off the waitlist and into the process of getting what they need.  This is everything for some families.

“We had no idea what to do or where to go and no one could give us answers or were willing to do the testing. We had spent all that we had.  We are a single income family and I am working like a dog to keep above water.  Getting a diagnosis has started a conversation about why she is the way she is, she can begin to know she is dealing with something most people don’t have to deal with. She can finally get the support she needs and not send us broke.  Luke Priddis Foundation have given us that. They have also provided someone to walk us through the whole NDIS thing.  That is a big deal. At some point we will need to do a phone call with the NDIS and it will be a one shot, a make or break moment for our family.  LPF has given us someone who will do a dry run of that phone call and be sitting there when we make the call so nothing is missed. That is MASSIVE for our family.” – Jai (Penrith Dad)


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