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ASD Treatment & Support

While a diagnosis often involves identifying an individual’s difficulties and differences, it leads the way to having a better understanding and appreciation of each person, their strengths and interests, and how to best support them.

Acceptance is key!

Autism is a behavioural disorder but support can include skills building, developing alternate means of communication and making adjustments in the environment at home, school or community to suit individual needs.

A multidisciplinary approach can be very helpful with supporting behaviour. In general:

  • Psychologists can help with the various social, emotional and behavioural needs of people with autism.
  • Speech Therapists can help with understanding language abilities, language acquisition and social skills.
  • Occupational Therapists can help with understanding gross and fine motor abilities, sensory differences and regulation of energy.

Communication between parents, carers, teachers, families, therapists and any other support people is highly recommended for understanding, consistency and best outcomes.


We don’t grow out of Autism….

At the Luke Priddis Foundation

  • We are not here to change people – They are perfect as they are…
  • We are trying to fix anyone – They are not Broken ….
  • We are simply here to help find the information, skills and support that those living with Autism need to find their place…

People with Autism, their parents/carers and siblings have higher rates of anxiety and depression than in the general population.

You are not alone. There is help here if you need it.


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