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ASD Treatment

Is There Any Success in Treating Autism?

Children do not grow out of Autism, but with appropriate early intervention they can be assisted to gain many of the skills most parents take for granted such as learning how to talk, read, write, draw, and even how to play with other children. These skills then give them a better chance at independence as they grow up.

People with Autism benefit enormously from programs which provide them with a means to communicate, and to develop the skills they need to participate in everyday life. With appropriate education, and the support of dedicated people, a person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder can go on to lead a fulfilled life, engaging in social activities and vocational pursuits in later life.

What Can Be Done?

The cause of Autism Spectrum Disorders is still unknown despite worldwide research. We do know however, that specialised programs help to markedly reduce many of the difficulties experienced by children with Autism spectrum Disorders, and improve the quality of life for their family.

With appropriate teaching, children with Autism Spectrum Disorders can be taught to communicate using verbal or visual systems of communication. The child can also be assisted to cope with change and to develop many of the social skills necessary for day-to-day life.

People involved in teaching or supporting a child with an Autism Spectrum disorder, need to understand the nature of the Disorders, how it impacts on learning, and how to use appropriate strategies to overcome the many difficulties the child experiences in everyday situations.

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